How to receive data from API like this?


How to get data from official Binance API like this? (It’s flexible and fixed earning data).

First of all, /bapi/* is not an API that’s meant for public use.
Let me point you towards the Savings Endpoints and the Staking Endpoints in our Documentation. If you need more advice, please be more specific as to what you’re wanting to achieve.

Thank You for answer.

For example, I am interested in how to get fixed rate data with durations.

I found method “Get Fixed and Activity Project List” (GET /sapi/v1/lending/project/list). But it returns data that doesn’t match the Crypto Savings Account | Simple Way to Deposit & Earn | Binance page. Duration and rates are different.

I note that users use /bapi/* because this is public data. And the methods of the official API for some reason require authorization through PUBLIC and SECRET keys. Why?

Binance should think about the fact that the unofficial functionality of the site is more convenient than the official API documentation.

It would be convenient for users to receive a complete table with all rates and durations in one request (without any authorization).