How to place TP/SL Limit for a Market entry order?


You can enable “Advanced TP/SL” using the top-right menu in the UI, and then be able to use Limit orders for your TP/SL (by default, TP/SL are Market orders even if your entry was a Limit Buy/Sell).
This is for lower fees.

Question is, how can I set Limit, post-only TP/SL via API? I see no reason to have TP/SL as market orders since they are inherently Limit-like orders (i.e. they’re a promise that you will be available to buy/sell at a specified price).

I’m using the python library and was able to create a correctly-behaving (fully tested) position with TP/SL where all are Market orders using the undocumented timeInForce=“GTE_GTC” as described here, but there are several combinations to use for the TP/SL limit orders and I don’t know how to link them to the Entry order as I do for the usual Market TP/SL, as the api gives me several errors.

Anyone mastered this?

Unfortunately TP/SL is not support via API.