How to place an order with leverage on Binance Futures through API

I’m doing this:

  1. POST /fapi/v1/leverage with {‘symbol’: ‘ETHUSDT’, ‘leverage’: 2}
  2. POST /fapi/v1/order with { ‘symbol’: ‘ETHUSDT’, ‘side’: ‘BUY’, ‘quantity’: xx, …}
  3. wait for a while
  4. POST /fapi/v1/leverage with {‘symbol’: ‘ETHUSDT’, ‘leverage’: 2}
  5. POST /fapi/v1/order with { ‘symbol’: ‘ETHUSDT’, ‘side’: ‘SELL’, ‘quantity’: xx, …}

The 2x leverage does not seem to apply from the numbers on the order history. How should this be?

Thank you

Hi. Can you also describe what is your expectation of this scenario?

I’d like to place an order of qty=100 and it should reflect as 200 on the order history. Bot platforms can do this but I’m not sure exactly how. Thank you.

If you want to sell qty=1 BTC with price= 40000USDT and leverage of x2, what changes is your free USDT balance (will have less 20000USDT) and not the qty=1 BTC.

You can use the following to check the leverage of your open positions:

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