How to obtain my Margin Ratio (in Cross Margin mode) using the Futures API?

Hi all,
Couldn’t find anything neither in the docs nor here, I guess I am missing something.
Could you please point me to an endpoint or other indirect method (e.g. some calculation over some other data) to obtain my Margin Ratio for a Cross Margin USDM Futures account using the API?
I need to track my “health state” and set some notifications to alert me in case my Margin ratio goes above some predefined threshold.
I believe for Isolated Margin I could simply keep track of the Liquidation Price but for Cross Margin the Margin Ratio seems to be the only sure indicator of how far I stand from liquidation. How to obtain it with the API?

Many thanks.

To obtain your Margin Ratio for a Cross Margin USDM Futures account using the Binance Futures API, you need to use the endpoint that provides account information. Specifically, you can use the GET /fapi/v2/account endpoint to retrieve account details, including margin balance and margin level.

Here is an example of how you can do this using Python:

import requests
import hmac
import hashlib
import time

# Replace with your API key and secret
api_key = 'your_api_key'
api_secret = 'your_api_secret'

base_url = ''

def get_margin_ratio():
    endpoint = '/fapi/v2/account'
    timestamp = int(time.time() * 1000)
    query_string = f'timestamp={timestamp}'
    signature =, query_string.encode(), hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()
    headers = {
        'X-MBX-APIKEY': api_key
    response = requests.get(f'{base_url}{endpoint}?{query_string}&signature={signature}', headers=headers)
    if response.status_code == 200:
        data = response.json()
        total_margin_balance = float(data['totalMarginBalance'])
        total_maintenance_margin = float(data['totalMaintMargin'])
        margin_ratio = (total_maintenance_margin / total_margin_balance) * 100
        return margin_ratio
        raise Exception(f"Error fetching data: {response.json()}")

# Example usage
margin_ratio = get_margin_ratio()
print(f"Margin Ratio: {margin_ratio:.2f}%")

This script retrieves the total margin balance and maintenance margin, then calculates the margin ratio as a percentage. Ensure you handle exceptions and errors as per your requirement.

This is fantastic, thank you so much ntsili. You’ve even written the Python code yourself!

Hope this will help others too, I just can’t imagine how one would even enter automated trading without having a secure way to constantly monitor his health factor - this is like having no risk management at all to me…