How to manage <symbol>@bookTicker

Other stream names as @aggTrade have an e property so I can use a switch/case to manage different events. But @bookTicker has no e property, how can I manage it? I have to create a different stream only for it?

Yes you’ll have to get creative to manage the bookTicker events. I asked ChatGPT and it came up with some example code which tracks the symbol from bookTicker based on bid/ask price:

# Initialize a data structure to store top bid and ask prices for each trading pair
book_ticker_data = {}

# WebSocket message handler
def handle_book_ticker_message(message):
    symbol = message['symbol']
    bid_price = message['bidPrice']
    ask_price = message['askPrice']
    # Update or initialize data for the trading pair
    if symbol in book_ticker_data:
        book_ticker_data[symbol]['bidPrice'] = bid_price
        book_ticker_data[symbol]['askPrice'] = ask_price
        book_ticker_data[symbol] = {'bidPrice': bid_price, 'askPrice': ask_price}
    # Perform actions based on the updated data
    # ...

# Connect to the Binance WebSocket stream
# Subscribe to the @bookTicker stream for desired trading pairs

# Receive messages and call the handle_book_ticker_message function

Hope that gives you some ideas.