how to make a order contain SL and TP Futures

I know how to place stop loss and take profit orders but the orders can be activated when the main order didn’t fill or even worse the order can not be established because the order would immediately trigger.
but how can I put orders in order like on the binance futures GUI
when I’m saying in the binance GUI I mean to the stop loss and take profit you can set to a limit order

That is not possible via the API. It is a feature that is only available on the UI. You have to implement the logic in your code if you want to achieve the same effect.

how to implement it?

  1. Place an order and monitor the status of the order using websocket stream. (Binance API Documentation)
  2. Once you received an "e":"ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE" of the order being filled, place the STOP_LOSS or TAKE_PROFIT order.