How to make a long order in future api?

I’m trying to make a long order in future API but seems the parameter is quite different for me to understand.

Basically, I want to Buy/Long market LITUSDT x10 for $200 (not leverage) at the moment.

Could you give me the correct setting?

No this option in futures. You can only specify the quantity of base asset (which in this case is LIT)

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Yes could you give me full settings/parameter so I can try with code? Currently I’m confusing.

First, you need to set the leverage with:

Then as MJW stated, you can can’t place a MARKET order without specifying the “quantity” parameter, with this quantity being in LIT and not USDT, so placing a market order for $200 is not possible, but let’s say it’s a market order with quantity= 1 LIT, then it would be:

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Got it now. Thank you!