How to isolate funds for Futures Isolated Margin account type?

Dear all,

I see that the Binance API allows for switching margin types for Futures trading:

I am interested in using the Isolated type, however, I am unable to understand how I can isolate the funds so they would be kept under an isolated account just like is the case for Spot trading.

The Binance API Documentation only allows to modify already existing positions and this is not what I am looking for.

Hi there,

The way that Isolated Margin mode works is that you actually manually specify a specific amount of margin to each position independently. You don’t create a separate isolated account like in Spot trading. Instead, you manage your isolated positions independently/separately within your Futures account.

The POST /fapi/v1/marginType endpoint allows you to switch between Cross and Isolated margin modes on the specified trading symbol. Using Isolated Margin allows you to control your positions with separate margin whilst still being within the same Futures account.

Hope that clarifies things.

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