How to how to identify which node & IP address correspond to which validator account?

The question is on the top.
I have tried to find the information in official doc or on forums, but there is nothing.
Is it even possible?
Hope for help.

Not sure if I got the full context, can you provide more details and examples please?

So, binacec use proof of authority, in each epoch the network choose the validators and than the are validating blocks.

I would like to identify on which node which validator runs and which IP-address has this validator.
So, curently we have such list of validators
I would like to know, which IP has each of it. Or, at least, how could I match the node and validator, which runs on this node.

Ok, I understand what you mean now, although unfortunately this is way beyond the scope of this forum, here we focus on the usage of different product’s API endpoints (documentation here), so I’m afraid we can’t help with that topic.

This is a support forum for Binance exchange.

You should try asking your question on BNB Chain forum: (or other support channels).