How to get trading fee discount by BNB

Q: I wish to get trading fee discount by BNB, how to enable this feature?
Can I see if it’s activated from API?
Do I have to transfer BNB to futures wallet for futures trading fee discount?

We know Binance allow paying trading fee by BNB for 25% discount, here is the trading fee summary

How to enable the discount

  1. Login to users dashboard,

Turn on this switch, and that’s it.

Many users wish to know if they can check or enable this from API endpoint, unfortunately they are not supported yet.

  1. Has BNB in the wallet.
    • Make sure you have enough BNB in the wallet, otherwise fee will be charged in normal rate and deducted from asset based on the trading pair.
    • Make sure you have BNB in the right wallet.
      • spot trading -> spot wallet
      • futures trading -> futures wallet
      • margin trading -> margin wallet