How to get the value of "Commission Fee Shared With You" from API.

In the CSV report from Binance there is an operation called "Commission Fee Shared With You
". This value is missing from myTrades API. Is there a way to retrieve this value?

Can we get an API for this please, the more I work through with the Binance API the harder for me to believe that Binance is #1 exchange right now with so poor API. Sorry for being cynical, but getting info out of Binance API to do taxes correctly is a nightmare compared to other exchanges.

API has many inconsistencies, missing endpoints, missing detailed information within a month/two the list just sadly gets bigger…

The answer is here → How to get "Commission Fee Shared With You" from Binace /api/v3/myTrades API? - #4 by asha.oms - Binance API - | Forum

Hello, I’m not familiar with the generated csv report and the mentioned “Commission Fee Shared With You” as this forum is dedicated to api only, although with GET /api/v3/myTrades there’s “commission” in the returned response.

Thank you for your inputs. The commission returned in the myTrades API includes just the fees if I am not wrong. Is there a way to get the details of the (referral)? commission earned for a trade?

Ah I see, API doesn’t deliver referral commissions yet.

Can this please be added?

At the moment, when I query the API for my wallet balances, there is all sorts of random “dust” from 10-20 coins that I eventually discovered is from referral commissions, yet there is no way to view these transactions via the API. It makes doing tax calculations very difficult and time-consuming.

(I’d vote for this, except I’m out of votes.)