how to get the max leverage for futures using the binance API?

how to get the max leverage for futures using the binance API or ccxt?

GET /fapi/v1/leverageBracket get the different leverages from here.

Thanks for your answer. Could you please tell me how to run this request using python?
Thank you

The signature is required in this endpoint, here is a script in python without dependency,

Hope this will be helpful.

@dino Would be great if there was a market data endpoint that returned the range (or just the max possible) leverage. The api docs state
"initialLeverage": 75, // Max initial leverge for this bracket

but that is not what is returned. The “max initial” here is for the bracket (whatever that is)… not for the USDT pair.

Probably should be part of exchangeInfo as a filter for each symbol.

Hi, sorry for so later reply, but i hope that this can help to someone in Future, just take it python code

from binance_f import RequestClient
from binance_f.constant.test import *
from binance_f.base.printobject import *
from binance_f.model.constant import *

g_api_key = “your api key”
g_secret_key = “your secret key”
request_client = RequestClient(api_key=g_api_key, secret_key=g_secret_key)

def maxLeverage(pair):
request_client = RequestClient(api_key=g_api_key, secret_key=g_secret_key)
result = request_client.get_leverage_bracket()
for x in result:
if x.symbol == pair:
hallow = x.brackets[0]

reback = maxLeverage(‘ETHUSDT’)


\\\NOTE, this what does is connect to this api ->

and goes to the pair that you just specify and find the maxLeverage that you can do with this pair, if anyone has any questions can write me via Telegram (preferred) [@Nightscript], or gmail (maybe you’ll get response a lit later =)) [], Kevin.

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Hello.can i set leverage in Kucoin’s API white python?