How to get registerDays and completedOrderNum of Buyer/Seller from order id

My kind of order is C2C.
According to the sapi documentation, response of CommonRet_OrderMatchResp_ (getUserOrderDetail ) include registerDays and completedOrderNum, but i can find it in response.
Or you can return me 1 field BuyerUserNo/SellerUserNo.

Thank you very much!

Hello, where is this “sapi documentation” that you refer to?

I’m afraid it might be a question out of our control at this forum, we only look into APIs present at

@aisling2 I use this api /sapi/v1/c2c/orderMatch/getUserOrderDetail.
Please help me check this!

Apologies, although /sapi/v1/c2c/orderMatch/getUserOrderDetail is not available at, so we don’t have knowledge about it.

Try to see if you can find a support contact from where you got that endpoint please.