How to get quantityPrecision of COIN-M Perpetual Pairs?

I want to create limit orders with the API. Currently, everything works with USD-M Futures pairs.
Now I also want to use COIN-M, but run into problems: for example, for “BTCUSD_PERP” the quantityPrecision is 0 and the LOT-filter has these values (from “/v1/exchangeInfo”):

      stepSize: '1',
      filterType: 'LOT_SIZE',
      maxQty: '1000000',
      minQty: '1'

minQty: '1' cannot be correct, right?
I basically want this info I can see here in the UI:
How can I get this information from the API?

The min qty here is 1 ( contract), which values about 0.0053BTC at this moment.
The stepSize is 1, so you can buy 1, 2, 3, 4… contracts as for the qty.

Hope this will be helpful.

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Hey dino, thanks!
How can I get the information on what 1 qty contract values currently via the API (the 0.0053BTC)?

Each contract values 100 USD.