How to get Liquidation Levels from API

Hi guys,

I would like to calculate and visualize the liquidation heatmap for any symbol.

Here you can find an example for BTCUSDT:

I couldn’t find the data where the liquidation levels are from current open orders.

Any ideas how I could realize this or am I missing an endpoint which provides this data?

GET /fapi/v2/positionRisk returns a field “liquidationPrice”

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Thanks for the reply. But this is user data and I need data for the whole market. I have no idea how these pages are calculating it, but I found another website providing this data: Liquidation Heatmap - Hyblock Academy

Where do they get the data? Does anybody know?


Have you managed to find out how academy hyblockcapital get liquidation information? Is this data available in the Binance API?

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No, unfortunately not

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You are looking for forceOrder streams.

Check this link for liquidation orders.