How to get FILLED order TP and SL data

I want to get the SL and TP values after I create an order and it waits for the buy price I set earlier.
Is there a way to get those values using python-binance lib?


Spot: Binance API Documentation
Futures: Binance API Documentation

The details of the order will be returned from this endpoint. Not sure which function to call for this library.

I couldn’t add screens before because of the new user status.
I tried this but got binance.exceptions.BinanceAPIException: APIError(code=-2013): Order does not exist. error. It seems that while TP and SL are pending, we can’t get these values. I hope I’m wrong.

Ensure that you are using the futures endpoint if you are trading futures and not the spot one.

I forgot to add one parameter :sweat_smile:

returned data for opened futures order:
orderId 123
symbol XLMUSDT
status NEW
clientOrderId ios_st_xyz
price 0.09000
avgPrice 0.00000
origQty 166
executedQty 0
cumQuote 0
timeInForce GTC
type LIMIT
reduceOnly False
closePosition False
side BUY
positionSide LONG
stopPrice 0
priceProtect False
origType LIMIT
time 12354364574567
updateTime 2536475685678

As you can see there is no info about sl and tp values.