How to get Binance Swap liquidity token price?

Hey, how can I get current Binance Swap liquidity token price for all pools? Web app makes a GET request to, so I could get prices from there, but it also sends a auth token or cookie, idk. I’d like to run a script to get those prices every minute, can I do that normally or is there a python package or something, that’d allow me to attach the token to GET request or scrape webpage for it (login required)? What’s the easiest solution here?

Thank you for the feedback. A better approach is exporting the data from here to the supported API endpoint, we will forward to the team for review.

Thanks, I’d appreciate it, if you could let me know, if you decide to implement it and ETA for release. Historical share cost endpoint would be cool too.

Please be clear what you need the price for? Are you trying to add liquidity or swap? If it’s for swap, please try this endpoint - /sapi/v1/bswap/quote.
BTW, I don’t get price through /gateway-api/v1/private/swap-api/shareSummaryByPool; Could you provide some sample data from the response of this API?

Hey, I figured it out, I’m using this endpoint:

Actually the cost per share displayed is avg. share price, when user added liquidity, I’d like to know current share price, it doesnt seem possible to do with any endpoint atm, even indirectly.