How to get Binance Futures USD-M PNL and ROE?


I’m trying to use the formula mentioned on Binance for Futures USD-M PNL & ROE but not getting the first part correctly (PNL).

Link to the guide: How to Calculate Profit and Loss for Futures Contracts | Binance Support

Formula to get Unrealized PNL: Unrealized PNL = position size * direction of order * (mark price - entry price)

Binance app:

My attempt:

quantity = 6.645
entry_price = 221.230
exit_price = 221.470

unrealized_pnl = quantity * -1 * (exit_price - entry_price)
print(f"Unrealized PNL is: {unrealized_pnl}")

Output: Unrealized PNL is: -1.5948000000000604

What am I missing?

EDIT: I got the PNL working, I think. I used the following code:

unrealized_pnl = (mark_price - entry_price) * 0.03

Still no idea how to get ROE…


> ROE% =Unrealized PNL in USDT / entry margin = ( ( mark Price - entry Price ) * direction of order * size ) / (position_amount * contract_multiplier * mark_price* IMR

What to enter for contract_multiplier? What is “size” and “position_amount”? How do they differ?

Contract multiplier represents the value of a contract.

Each futures contract specifies the base asset’s quantity delivered for a single contract, also known as “Contract Unit”. For instance, BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, and BCH/USDT futures contracts represent only one unit of its respective base asset, similar to spot markets.

Each BTC futures contract represents 100 USD, while each ETH futures contract represents 10 USD. For example, 1,000 USD of BTCUSD Quarterly 1225 equals 100 USD x 10 contracts, and 1,000 USD of ETHUSD Quarterly 1225 equals 10 USD x 100 contracts.

I did not quite understand. Can you provide more examples for USD-M, please?

USD-M contract multiplier is always 1.