How to get all closed Future Position History

Hello, I need to get the history of future positions regardless of the symbol. Similar to the one found in the Binance system in the image below:

Is there any endpoint that I can get this information from?

Hello, there’s no endpoint to return all those fields together, user needs to program locally.

I would suggest you to explore the available endpoints at the Futures API document first, namely:

or if using Websocket Stream:

And test their behavior with your Futures Testnet Account, which can be created at:
After created, you can obtain the API Key/ API secret key in the “API key” tab below.

Hello, thanks for the feedback. After doing a lot of research I figured that was it.

I took all the trades of a period, through the orderID I determined all the operations and with the consolidated operations I was able to determine the positions. Basically, a position is the combination of Entry Orders (regardless of SELL or BUY) until the next order contrary to the entry. If the initial position was a Sell, the closing position is a Buy.

Thank you for the answer and I hope this logic of mine can help others.

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