How to fetch recent purchased details using Nuget package

Hello Team,
We need to integrate API to fetch users order hostory. Our implementation is in C# .net so using Binance nuget package and calling the method as -

var orderHistory = await binanceApi.GetOrdersAsync(user, “DOGE_USDT”);

This returns blank records. However we can this currency in account info API when we make a call as -

var account = await binanceApi.GetAccountInfoAsync(user);

Could you please help us, how can we get the purchased coin details using Binance nuget package?

Hello, sorry to say that unfortunately we can’t analyse 3rd party libraries, please find the community of that package for further investigating.
If it’s direct question about the usage of our endpoints (, then please feel free to post here.

Okay Thanks.
Why my Crypto history showing blank on web portal? I bought one bitcoin but its not coming up in Crypto History menu. Any reason?

We don’t have access to account’s data and don’t work on the UI here, please reach out to Customer Support as they’re the best contact for these matters. Thank you.