How to delete a sub account?

How can I delete a sub-account?
I can’t find any way to do it, neither via API nor via Web page.

Hi. So far the deletion is not supported but you can disable the account instead. You can do so by clicking the freeze button on the management screen.

By the way, Are you planning to add this functionality?

Thanks for the feedbacks. Will forward it to the team.

Hi. May I know what’s the reason of having a real delete function instead of the current approach? It’s a common implementation to have soft delete (or something similar) so that when something bad happens, it’s more likely to get the data recovered.

Because of the new limitations, only 10 Isolated accounts are allowed per sub-account, and only 20 sub-accounts in total for VIP1.
I have some accounts that I use for testing, and the best way to clean them up would be to delete them.

I also have created some test account like virtual ones, which I want to delete.