How to create OCO order and OCO test order

I would like to create OCO order but with it in the future , where I can set enter actual price. Example : The actual price is 20 , but i want to enter when the actual price is 30 to sell and create order OCO at this point.

I’ve been trying to create oco test order too, is there this option here ?

it should be easy to set the stopPrice=30.

Could you give me a complete exemple with future price , stop loss and stop gain ?

    symbol= 'BTCUSDT',                                            
    quantity= 1.00000,                                            
    price= '32',                                       (stop loss ) ?     
    stopPrice= 30',        (actual price to start selling)?                                    
    stopLimitPrice= '20', (stop gain)                                 ?            
    stopLimitTimeInForce= 'FOK')
``` Is this correct ?
So here , stop price is the actual price where gonna enter  ?

I've been looking how to send test oco order like in the function too client.test_order(type="oco") but is not working