how to create a order with client.futures_create_order

Hi guys i’m using Spyder (Python3.8) i follow some guides and i was able to post a spot order but now i’d like to place a limit order on my futures account with a market stop and a take profit, can someone write me a working example? your help would be greatly appreciated.

TP/SL is not supported from the placing order endpoint in futures, so i don’t think you can get it from this futures_create_order method.

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Because i was cheking the Additional mandatory parameters based on the type:

Type Additional mandatory parameters
LIMIT timeInForce, quantity, price
MARKET quantity
STOP/TAKE_PROFIT quantity, price, stopPrice

so i think i shoud be able to send a limit order with stop market and take profit

it’s recommend to try on testnet, One order can only be set to ONE type with one request.