How to catch this exception? APIError(code=-2010): Stop price would trigger immediately.

Hi there, so i’m getting this error sometimes, yes i know is becasue the price probably changed before the order was processed and sent to the server, the thing is i’d like to CATCH this specific exception to re-make the order and re-send it, but documentation says that “create_order” can raise: BinanceRequestException, BinanceAPIException, BinanceOrderException, BinanceOrderMinAmountException, BinanceOrderMinPriceException, BinanceOrderMinTotalException, BinanceOrderUnknownSymbolException, BinanceOrderInactiveSymbolException

I don’t known which one is the right one for this particular error, obviously not “BinanceOrderMinAmountException” or ones which name is pretty much self-explanatory, so it must be some of these: BinanceRequestException, BinanceAPIException, BinanceOrderException (i think), anyone knows?


Hey @mayhem7, Binance is not responsible for python-binance and we’re not updated with its code, you’ll probably get more help if the question is redirected to the community of the library.

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