How many validations for a RESTful request

Q: So I wish to know what happened after I sent a RESTful request to API server?

A: There are many validations applied in the API server backend, all of them can be found from our API document. Here is a summary of them.

We will take the endpoint of place order for example: POST /api/v3/order

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Details in some step:

  • params are all allowed?
    • this check will fails if you don’t provide parameter not in the document.
  • other parameter check
    • this check is depending on the requirement of each endpoint, in this endpoint, e.g. icebergQty > quantity, check the API document for details.
  • filter check?
    • this validation is unique in placing order and very import, each filter is defined from endpoint GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo
    • common filters are PRICE_FILTER, LOT_SIZE, MIN_NOTIONAL, etc