How many times may I prolongate listenKey on User Data Stream?

I didn’t see any info about timelimit or times limit in Documentations.
I sent PUT /fapi/v1/listenKey every 30min but in one moment got EVENT listenKeyExpired
on channel?

Why is it?

if you delete the listenKey via DELETE /fapi/v1/listenKey, the EVENT listenKeyExpired will be received in the client too.

I didn’t DELETE and periodical prolongate by PUT only

Is it happening intermittently or you are not able to renew the listenKey, they are different directions for investigation. Thank you

How can I check that listenKey is updated successfully by response? I don’t see anything in API answer of PUT /fapi/v1/listenKey

The response returns 200 as soon as renew is accomplished.