How I can update the stopPrice for an order

How I can update the stopPrice if the if I’ve reached the stopPrice profit

in the image I’ve took al trade from futuresTrades, But I have no idea how can I update my stopPrice order in openOrders.

is there any way that I can update the stopPrice order?

Can you share with a more concrete example, please?

Lets say rhat I want to make TAKE_PROFIT order, I used ‘REEFUSDT’, once I ordered I got an orderId.


can I update the stopPrice after the order has been created.
for example stopPrice is : 1 and I want to update it to 1.1 ? can I do that ?

and my main qustion is once the the price reached stopPrice can I increase the stopPrice to be Higher/Lowe ?

Not directly though the API but, you can cancel the previous order (by id) and then place a new order (with updated value). Design your app that way.