How far back does the historical data go?

Hi, How far back does the historical data go? its seems to only be less than a year when I look at coins like BTCUSD

Which historical data? Can you specify the endpoint, pls?

HI @aisling

Apologies, the endpoint is the /klines one.

The Binance API docs don’t seem to explain the exact range of data that can be retrieved under each interval. I noticed no matter the interval, the response comes in a JSON array of 500 elements. but by datetime, that’s very different. Eg: 1d interval can fit many more actual days , than 15m interval .


Thanks. I might have misunderstood, but maybe there’s confusion with the meaning of “interval” here.
If “interval=1d” and no “limit” was sent, then it’s expected for the result to have 500 of 1d klines.
(“limit” has description “Default 500; max 1000.”)
If this doesn’t clarify, it would be better if you could share actual request URL with params specified to gather exact context.

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