How could I set a part of % of my balance in my Binace orden

I have a bot connected with Binance API

We have five markets to trade with different wallets (SPOT/MARGIN (margin cross & margin Isolated)/FUTURES (USDT & USD),

We need to design in our UI product platform something like a slider bar that allows us to set an order using as Binance does in his platform the % of the balance or contract (in this last case BTC/USD)
I like to have different options:

  1. To set the order setting manually the balance or the contract
  2. To use the slider bar to set the % I like for the order.
    I have attached a picture to see what I mean.

Could you please tell me where could I find it in the API RES documentation? I could not find Captura de pantalla 2021-09-27 a las 8.27.48 anything in the endpoints

Note: I have very hard time finding to set a slider bar for contract in the case of Future USD

Hi Pedro, API doesn’t have the option for choosing a % as quantity in neither Spot or Futures, if you require this feature, it’ll have to be programmatically implemented locally.

Thanks @aisling for your time and help.
I use CCXT library to connect my bot with Binance. Do you know if CCXT help you with this or I should program in Phyton?


Sorry, but CCXT is a 3rd party resource and we’re not familiar with its code.

Thanks for your answer