How can I get tick size in order book from Binance api?

Is it possible to get the tick size in the order book for a selected symbol through API?

No, this is not available via the API. It must be calculated manually.

Can you please share some reference to how this calculation take place?

There is no reference required.

You simply need to aggregate the volumes from the order book obtained via the API to the tick size you require.

default ticksize = 0.01 and limit = 1000 ==> max ticksize is 1000*0.01 =10 but i want 100ticksize orderbook can you help me ?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

The SPOT order book endpoint has a limit of 5000 levels, while the Futures order book endpoint has a limit of 1000 levels.

There is no method to obtain more levels above this limit.

Did you find a solution to this problem?

Can you get an orderbook of 100 ticksize?

The API has no context in regards to tick size.

Aggregation needs to be done by the client, at the precision (tick size) of their liking.