How can i get a zloty pair?

How can i get a zloty (the PLN polish fiat) pairing with BTC or another crypto with api? I can see the balance in the buy/sell page but i cant use it in a python script.

For example, i can use the pairing btc eur with:

But there isn’t a pln pair with any crypto like:

The ticker endpoint /api/v3/ticker/price can only return symbols that are trading on spot market.

Those symbols can be found at endpoint api/v3/exchangeInfo.

However BTCPLN is not there, so I don’t think you can get ticker price from the endpoint.

You’re right @dino, the symbol BTCPLN is not in the endpoint api/v3/exchangeInfo.

But is there a way to know the exchange BTC-PLN through api instructions in Binance?
Indeed it could be very useful the exchange between PLN and one of the many currency in the endpoint (fiat or crypto)

No you can’t get it from exchange directly. However if you can find out the rate between PLN - USD, that may be helpful to convert to rate you need from BTC/USDT.