Hot coins endpoint

Hello, im trying to do local order book as a pet project, and i want to get like 20± best pairs symbols to connect them with websocket, but i didnt find any endpoint looks like that. On Binance order book page i found enpoint called hot-coins(/bapi/composite/v1/public/market/hot-coins?currency=USD), and it looks really that i need, but it doesnt work. Also im looking for simillar endpoint for symbols (/bapi/composite/v1/public/marketing/recommend/hotAsset/list?currency=USD&type=2), but i found just /exchangeInfo endpoint in trade section, but it returns too much uneccessary data for me, im looking for bext\hot endpoints for symbols(currency + [usdt]) and currency ([bnb, btc, eth…]). Or i should use /exchangeInfo endpoint and filter it by filters section(but i didnt understand which property to compare)?
Hope you can help me, here examples

Please note that the bapi endpoints are not public-facing and are intended for internal use only. Using them on the client-side is not recommended.

Currently, there are no endpoints specifically designed to provide the information you requested. However, to obtain the best trading pair symbols, you can refer to the ticker/24hr endpoint. This endpoint allows you to compare the 24-hour price changes across different trading pairs and identify the most active or volatile pairs.