Historical order book data

Hi everyone, i am tring to import using my api key the Historical order book data.
I am writing this code line

S_depth = client.get_order_book(symbol=‘BTCUSDT’)

But i need to download ad use in my dataframe for example the period from 01 october 2022 to 01.11.2022.

thanks to everyone for the help.

We don’t know which library you’re using to get the order book, we only cover libraries under Binance organization (here), however it seems it gets the current order book (Binance API Documentation), not the historical orderbook.

To download the Futures Order Book Data, you can follow what’s on:

@aisling2 thank you for the answer. the s depth is official binance, however if i try to search historical order book data futures on the firt link you post there is not a topic. and for the second link i receive only 404 found…maybe you can give more advice. thanks.

@Bandita88 Thanks for notice! I’ve just corrected the links.