Historical Data List Seems to not match ExchangeInfo API

Hi, I am create a bot that needs to analyse historical data but when i look at the list of symbols available in “https://data.binance.vision/?prefix=data/spot/daily/klines/” compared to the list response from the exchangeInfo API, the count is different. Why would that be ? and how regularly is the coin list of https://data.binance.vision/?prefix=data/spot/daily/klines/ maintained? How far back does it go?

The inconsistency is due to the symbol status. If a trading pair is in status “BREAK”, it still shows in exchangeInfo API response. However, since it’s not in a tradable status, there is no kline data available. Thus, the count is different.

Hi @ishuen

That makes alot of sense. Thank you!

Can a symbol be put in the “BREAK” status multiple times?

Are there any resources i can read explaining things like this ?


Please refer to this post for the explanation, thanks. Explanation on Symbol Status