Historical bar API question

Is there a way (besides trial and error) to find out the date of the first bar available for a given symbol? e.g what date does the daily history start for BTCETH. Thanks

Hi. Please take a look at the public data download page and the github repo for the download scripts. Hope these help.
Data collection: https://data.binance.vision/
Repo: https://github.com/binance/binance-public-data

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Thanks, I can see how to download data staring from a given date, but I don’t see an API for working out the first date that data is available. I guess its not possible yet.

So far the APIs only return recent data due to the performance concern. If you want to find old data, I would suggest you to check the resource shared above.

Is this resource above always maintained? on a daily basis?

Hi @rohan_groombridge . The data collection is updated daily. But if it’s marked as monthly data, the file is generated in monthly basis.

Thanks mate. How far back does the data go? Is there a discord server to chat to other developers doing this stuff?