Help with LOT_SIZE Filter when placing market buy order with param quoteOrderQty

Hello developers!
I need help with the following:

Account Balance (USDT): 152087.19085030 USDT
Account Balance (XRP): 41880.30000000 XRP

Trying to buy: XRP AGAINST USDT
quoteOrderQty = 100.0

LOT_SIZE[‘stepSize’]: 0.10000000
PRICE_FILTER[‘tickSize’]: 0.00001000

binance.exceptions.BinanceAPIException: APIError(code=-2010): Filter failure: LOT_SIZE

The only parameters I’m passing to the api are: COIN and quoteOrderQty.

I’m trying to market_buy 100 USDT of XRP, filter applied to quoteOrderQty.
What am I missing?

Thank you!

Spot testnet?

For Spot Testnet:

When placing a Market order with quoteOrderQty, the system will use the provided quoteOrderQty and the best price from the open opposite order to calculate quantity.
If there’s no liquidity in the provided symbol, i.e, no open orders in the order book, then system won’t be able to calculate the quantity, which leads to not respecting the LOT_SIZE filter rule.