[help] first steps to create a crypto trading bot

Hi, i am a new developer still on course, and for my project i would like to create a crypto trading bot using nodeJS and binance API , what do i have to do ?

i already have binance account and installed nodeJS

This is subjective, depends on what each person wants the bot to do.
You can have your plan and look into the API documentation to see if it’s achievable.

Depends what you want to do. I always recommend to start small - automate smaller things to help you. E.g. start monitoring for activity on your account using the user-data stream - node.js example (with some typescript): binance/ws-userdata.ts at master · tiagosiebler/binance · GitHub

Or try buying and selling spot assets using the API, e.g. this buys BTC using USDT and sells it again: