Hedging Liquidation price

I have seen this asked in Teegram but no response.
And I am currently experiencing the same.

The GUI and API are returning same liquidation price for short a long position.
A long position cannot have a liquidation price that is higher than my price.
Why is this? And is this correct? Why is it not returning the - just like my other positions?


It looks that the BTCUSDT must be traded with crossed margin so all of your positions with crossed margin will be liquidated if the mark price of BTCUSDT reach the liq price. In this case, considering the BTCUSDT positions only, we can find that the there’s a net short position of -0.003, which does matter on the liq price of the whole BTCUSDT symbol so it’s normal that the estimated liq price can be much higher then the entry cost of the long position.