Having hard time with LOT_SIZE filter

Hi, I’m trying to place an order that I think is correct but it gets recjected because of LOT_FILTER failure.
My order looks like this:

symbol: "BNBBTC", 
side: "BUY", 
orderType: "LIMIT", 
timeInForce: *"GTC", 
quantity: *"0.71100000", 
quoteOrderQty: *string nil, 
price: *"0.01404800"

I get an error when trying to execute it:

Message:"Filter failure: LOT_SIZE"

Given BNBBTC filters:

          "filterType": "LOT_SIZE",
          "minQty": "0.00100000",
          "maxQty": "100000.00000000",
          "stepSize": "0.00100000"

should that order be executed correctly? If yes I’ll have to take a look into the golang sdk that I’m using.

The order looks correct to me. Try to print out the request before sending it to the server.

Thanks for answering, I just found the source of the bug. Testnet has different filter parameters :sweat_smile:

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