Getting Trading Bot Wallet balance with the api

I am currently trying to integrate the binance wallet in a personal app. I really want to get all the wallets displayed like it is in the Binance Website for example.

I am currently stuck by displaying the part of the Binance Trading Bots, since I can’t find the Api Endpoint to get the active Trading Bots, their PnL value, their Balance, strategy id, etc. I only manage to get the Futures Wallet Balance by now, but that is not the same as the Trading Bot Wallet.

The chance is high that I may overlooked something,
I appreciate any help. Thanks

Hello, I’ve also looked through Wallet Endpoints, Account Info endpoint and the Spot API doc in general, but wasn’t able to find a section or response that contains information about Trading Bot wallet, so I don’t think it’s available via API yet.

Any chance trading bots will be available via api ?