Getting Staking History: Difference between SUBSCRION and REDEMPTION?

Regarding the Endpoint to fetch the staking history: Binance API Documentation

I can’t figure out where the difference between SUBSCRIPTION and REDEMPTION for the param txnType is. Can somebody help me with this?

The Subscribe feature adds funds to your staking position. While the Redeem feature removes funds from your staking position.

SUBSCRIPTION and REDEMPTION are synonymous with DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW respectively.

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Thank you for your answer.
Maybe you can answer me another Question. Is this similiar in case of saving to get PURCHASE and REDEMPTION Records? Only the API uses different terms?
So staking SUBSCRIPTION is equal saving PURCHASe is synonymous with DEPOSIT and
staking REDEMPTION is equal saving REDEMPTION is synonymous with WITHDRAW ?

That is correct.

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