Getting average values / prices when we buys / sells

Hello everyone.

Can we have the average of the price we paid? All we have is all the trades we made.

We should be able to see our bought prices, or/and the average we paid if we bought multiple times.

If I buy:

  • 10x SOLUSDT @ 100$
  • 10x SOLUSDT @ 150$

HOLD: 20 x SOLUSDT @ 125$

If I Sell:

  • 10x SOLUSDT @ 150$

HOLD: 10 x SOLUSDT @ 100$

I don’t know if it makes sens. But for now…
To build a portfolio, we have to loop in all our trades and calculate everything to find our averages prices., just to know if we make profits or not. Specially when we have a lot of Pairs we don’t always remember how much we paid.


Hi. Thanks for sharing your thought. I would suggest you to maintain the local data from your side due to the potential ambiguity.

For example, when you sell SOL, how do you know ten SOL cost 150$ are picked up for trading instead of ten SOL cost 100$?