Getting a 400 Bad Request on testnet

So I’ve been trying to get the following endpoint to work on testnet using Postman:

POST /sapi/v1/bswap/swap (HMAC SHA256)

I took the collection from Binance’s github and had filled out the information as per the documentation which includes


Still getting a 400 bad request for some reason.

Please provide the full URL generated by postman for us to better diagnose the issue.

The endpoint: {{url}}/sapi/v1/bswap/swap?quoteAsset=BNB&baseAsset=BUSD&quoteQty=100&timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}}

The response is just 400 bad request, with a bunch of HTML as the body.


This is not the full URL generated by postman. Check the console for the full url.

Are you using the testnet base url? SAPI endpoints are not support by the testnet.

The url as per console:

It’s a sapi endpoint in the docs, so it’s not supported?

No, unfortunately it is not supported by the TESTNET