Get trading volumes for symbol not for symbol-pair

I’m currently getting trading volume for symbol-pair in the following way:

klines = client.get_historical_klines("BTCUSDT",
Client.KLINE_INTERVAL_1MINUTE, "15 minutes ago")

This prints

[[1642174680000, '42991.47000000', '43001.66000000', '42943.61000000', '42983.64000000', '41.10926000', 1642174739999, '1766726.94010750', 1184, '16.04929000', '689759.40882560', '0'], 
 [1642175520000, '43028.41000000', '43030.99000000', '42965.51000000', '42981.21000000', '31.01809000', 1642175579999, '1333526.89579150', 694, '7.22654000', '310647.24245450', '0']]

And here klines[0][5] means a trading volume of ‘BTCUSDT’ 15 minutes ago in one minute, Right?

But what if I want to get trading volume for ‘BTC’, not ‘BTCUSDT’?

Should I repeat this process for all possible pairs? such as ‘BTCETH’, ‘BTCUSDT’ and so on?

Is there a simpler way to do this rather than iterating all possible pairs?


No other way around it.

You will need to use the exchange information endpoint and identify all symbols which contain the asset you are interested in.

Once determined, iterate the pairs and get the klines as you described.