Get Trade History without knowing the Pair

I have the Following Problem:

  • I dont know the Pairs being Traded by the User
  • I want to let him know when a Trade has been executed
  • The Trades are done directly from Binance App

So the Problem is the lack of knowledge of the pairs traded.

I have read something about the outboundAccountPosition which should return the account balance when something changed.

And I have read about the executionReport which needs a symbol to be specified or a pair for the socket to return the data.

So I have coded a litle bit and came out with this solution which would theoreticaly work.
The Problen here is, I have made an example code with 3 currencies. And i would need to extend this to the over 300 remaining currencies.

Is there a bether way to do that?
I leave my code here:
I dont think its going to display it correctly so i put a start and end.
Its a python code.

------Start Code------


BTC_before = 1
BNB_before = 1
LTC_before = 3
BTC_after = 1.3
BNB_after = 1
LTC_after = 0
BTC_change = bool(False)
BNB_change = bool(False)
LTC_change = bool(False)
ticker = []

if BTC_before==BTC_after:
    BTC_change = bool(False)
    BTC_change = bool(True)

if BNB_before==BNB_after:
    BNB_change = bool(False)
    BNB_change = bool(True)
if LTC_before==LTC_after:
    LTC_change = bool(False)
    LTC_change = bool(True)

if BTC_change:

if BNB_change:

if LTC_change:

option_a = ticker[0] + "/" + ticker[1]
option_b = ticker[1] + "/" + ticker[0]

print("Ticker Symbols:")

-----End Code-----

As I understand the outboundAccountPosition would send the Account Balances once they change. So if for example i make a trade ltc/btc and i sell my litecoins for bitcoins, this should give me a new balance data back. If i then compare this with the old balance i should get onlz 2 coins that changed. Thanks to that, i can write these 2 options into a variable (in this case option_a and option_b) and then would oly have 2 sockets to check for data. I think this could save a lot of time.

I dont know 2 things:

  • if this would work eith giving a variable to the socket instead of a string
  • if my code can be improved (because adding this first part of code, for all the 300 coins and then we would also need to manage this like if binance delists a coin we need to remove it from the code and if binance lists a new one we need to add it to the code thats a lot of work and not really managable.

I hope someone can help me with this.

I want to thank you already in advance

could you give a summary of your question?

“How to get history without specifying currency?”
“How to get full list of currencies in which an account has traded/deposited/withdrawn (anything that affected balance)?”