Get total numeber of coins listed via websoket with Python.

Hello everyone,
I need to have the total number of coins listed on the spot market always updated and know when a new one adds in real time. Using the REST API I implemented this function

def CoinsListed():
    number_of_coins = len(client.get_all_tickers())
    new_num_of_coins = 0
    while new_num_of_coins <= number_of_coins:
        new_num_of_coins = len(client.get_all_tickers())

But if I wanted to do the same by websoket, how could I do?


This is good solution to get symbols with ticker info. If you like get them from websocket, please check the same method from websocket api:

Hope this will be helpful.

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Thank you! Maybe I understood how to implement it.

  1. Create an empty dict called symbols
  2. Fill them once script loaded
  3. Create a trade or tick stream
  4. If symbol is not in your dict, add it!

You are going to have all of them in your dict, right at their first trade!


# create this in your init
symbols: dict = {}

# now fill this using 

# in your Trade stream function

# get the symbol
s = data['s']

# is already in the list?
if s not in symbols:
    # OMG we have a new listing!
    symbols[s] = {}
symbols[s]['p'] = data['p']

Hope this helps

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