GET /sapi/v1/staking/personalLeftQuota(HMAC SHA256) and productId

Recently Binance (finally) added staking endpoints to their API.

With the following query: GET /sapi/v1/staking/productList (HMAC SHA256) we can get all the available products / projects which we can purchase.

However, this endpoint gives back a projectId instead of a productId

endpoint: GET /sapi/v1/staking/personalLeftQuota(HMAC SHA256) asks for a productId, but as far as i can see, none of the endpoints provide me with this productId.

Ofcourse i tried to just giving a projectId to the productId, but i get the following error:
{‘code’: -1000, ‘msg’: “Request method ‘GET’ not supported”}

Endpoints for earningproducts do provide a productId. Perhaps they copy / pasted code, but forgot to change it to match staking ? Or, i’m just missing something obvious here.

Was anyone able to successfully use GET /sapi/v1/staking/personalLeftQuota(HMAC SHA256) or POST /sapi/v1/staking/purchase (HMAC SHA256) ?

I’m trying to realize auto intrest compounding.

thanks for feedback, we will review and update the document when there is update.

Yeah, same problem, I can’t find the “productId”.

Now it’s working with the projectId as productId.

Works brilliantly indeed :slight_smile: Thanks for the headsup!

It’s working. :smiley: