GET /sapi/v1/fiat/orders

I am little confused.
What is input parameter name “rows” and "page:

Info on Binance API Documentation
said that default rows is 100 max 500 and page default 1.

Response from this query is:

   "code": "000000",
   "message": "success",
   "data": [
      "fiatCurrency": "BRL",
      "indicatedAmount": "10.00",  
      "amount": "10.00", 
      "totalFee": "0.00",   // Trade fee
      "method": "BankAccount",  // Trade method
      "status": "Expired",  // Processing, Failed, Successful, Finished, Refunding, Refunded, Refund Failed, Order Partial credit Stopped
      "createTime": 1626144956000,
      "updateTime": 1626400907000   
   "total": 1,
   "success": true

What will be if i will call with transactionType= 0 beginTime = 01.01.2020 and endTime = 01.03.2020 and I will have 600 fiat deposits in this period?
Will it return only 500 ?
Will response[’ data’] have length = 500?
Which time pass as beginTime if I want to download last 100 deposits in next loop?
Should it be createTime or updateTime.?

  • rows is the number of orders you’ll get in response’s data field, which by default is 100 per page.
  • Response’s createTime should be the one that’s is the used for beginTime's querying.