Get product information (tick size etc) from websockets?

Is it possible to subscribe to product information stream (tick size, qty increment etc) via the websocket API?

If not, how will we know when the product information has changed? We cannot keep making REST request every 5 seconds. Any orders sent between the 5 seconds could have wrong price/quantity.

Please look into the available market streams when using websocket at

Hi, are you saying product information (tick size etc) is available by websocket? I cannot see it in the Websocket API, only for REST.

Hello, sorry for the confusing past comment. What I meant is based on the available streams at the moment, you can see that that’s not retrievable via websocket.

If there’s a change on the tickSize or stepSize, those will usually be announced on API Updates | Binance Support.

Or you could catch error from Binance if the order fails because of filter failures ( and do a new request to exchangeInfo endpoint to adapt to the new rules.