I want to track my balance via get-funding-asset but i get none value?

Hi. I’m not so sure how is your method implemented but this endpoint works normally. If there is no asset in the funding wallet, it can return an empty array.
If you are sure that the wallet is not empty, probably you can first try to print out the whole response to see if the property name is correct.

i get properly result with other endpoints, but only this endpoint return none, so confuse?

I have a similar issue, but i think that in my case is because the transactions were realized by binace-pay and this get-funding-asset API doesn’t recognize these transactions for some reason.

In the web I have two transactions

When i run the API via postman:
Post {{url}}/sapi/v1/asset/get-funding-asset?timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}}

the results are the same to @thangtrung93 => [’’]